I was thrilled to join the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of San Diego as a Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor in the fall of 2009.  Originally from Coventry, Rhode Island, I was inspired by my high school chemistry teacher and neighbor, Mrs. Kathleen Sullivan, to study the field of chemistry.  I earned a B.Sc. from the University of Rhode Island (URI) in 2001 where I worked for Dr. William Euler on the surface modification of alloys for use in prosthetic devices.  I also participated in a summer NSF REU program at Santa Clara University under the supervision of Dr. John Thoburn.  Shortly after graduation I accepted a position at Pfizer Inc. in Analytical Research & Development, remaining there for one year before beginning graduate school.  My graduate work on atomic-scale mass-selected clusters was completed at the University of California, Santa Barbara, under the direction of Professor Steven K. Buratto.  After earning a Ph.D. in 2007, I joined Professor Cynthia Friend's lab at Harvard University, to study reaction mechanisms, surface intermediate formation, and the role of defects in surface reactions.   At the University of San Diego,my research is primarily with undergraduate students in the broad field of surface chemistry (see research page for more information).  Currently, I teach inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, materials chemistry, and general chemistry.

In my spare time I enjoy doing all sorts of things: traveling, camping, hiking, cooking and eating good food, zumba, and spending time with my family.


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